Jotting applications in the Mac

Jotting applications are my class of note writing apps which specifically focus on fast jotting of notes as  ideas strike my mind. They don’t have to be complete. They are measured by how they are efficient to feed to a full blown writing applications; and how they are easy to insert the notes. Here, I have the comparison of my favorite apps I tried recently.

Criteria Curiota NoteAway Tab Notes Unclutter NvALT TaskCard Devonthink sorter
Transparent file storage in Finder (library in Documents folder) x x
Supports RTF and RTFD it is a sort of rtfd; but it is ntRTFD extension x x x
Permits direct assignment of Finder tags x x x x
Transparent file naming (the title of the note is the file name) adds further junk x x x
menu bar icon for quick jotting
Quick note inserting shortcut


Curiota and Devonthink Sorter come at the top. If Curiota permits direct assignment of tags, it would be the perfect jotting app.

I would like to hear if there is an app that satisifies all the tests.


2 thoughts on “Jotting applications in the Mac

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    1. The problem with Bear is –it uses internal database. You cannot search your files from Spotlight or index them in Devonthink– unless you export them. That is why I put “transparent file storage” as a criterion for my jotting app.

      –But, I agree, Bear is a good writing software.

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