Scherlokk vs EasyFind vs Find Any File

Scherlokk, Easyfind and Find Any File (FAF) are the three file searching tools that focus on finding just the names or contents of files in the mac. They differ from Spotlight for they require no database to find files.

I donĀ“t index my external drives in the spotlight because they would slow it down. Therefore, I have to rely on one of these to search these external drives. So, I have been wondering which one to use. Today, I did the test both on SSD and HD drives. I was surprised with the results.

The free app, EasyFind turn out to be fastest of all to search HD drives.

Here is how they look like on the job:

When it comes to SSD, on the other hand, none of the apps was able to come closer to FAF. It was miles ahead of the competition.

Conclusion: The 10$ app, Scherlokk is good for nothing. I will use other two depending on the kind of drive I search. Since my external drives are HD, EasyFind will be the most used searching tool.

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