Switching from Day One to MacJournal

Day One has been a great application for writing daily journals. Now, they are moving to a subscription system. I don’t like a subscription-based software. One reason for this is I want to spend some months completely offline. In addition, thinking about some payment every month makes me feel miserable.

So, I am now trying to move to the old MacJournal for my journaling needs. I haven’t found any other better application than this app. Many of the note-writing applications do not encryption.

So, to export my journals, Day One can export to a handful of formats: html, plain text and json. The json keeps the most complete information. MacJournal doesn’t accept the sjon. I found a transitional application that natively imports the json=Bear.

I use bear as means to transit to Macjournal.

Day One—> export in Json format—> import the json to Bear—>expor it in RTF format—> import the rtf to JacJournal.

There are still two losses in this process:

The tags: the tags are transferred as in text tags: not true finder tags. As such, Macjournal cannot recognize them as tags

The images are lost; because RTF cannot keep the images

For the images, if you have many of them, a better strategy would be to have the pro version of Bear and export in Word format. MacJournal can import the word. But, for the tag, still, the word format is not a solution. We need some mechanism of converting the in text tags (marked as #tag) to finder tags so that MacJournal or any other appliation for that matter would recognize them as tags. Trying different methods, I now  have this [Hazel rule](https://www.dropbox.com/s/w5w597lz3emwyp8/ExportFolder.hazelrules?dl=0) to convert those hashed texts to Finder tags.

Export the notes from Bear to a finder folder–> run the hazel rule on the folder. The rule assumes that the tags in each file are not more than 5. If each of your notes contain many more tags, you might need to modify it.

What do you think?

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