This is the the blog I drop some of my technical ideas I experience whenever I use mac and windows softwares. I have been keeping these notes in my internal folder for myself. But, thinking that they might help somebody, as I am taking a lot of benefits from free bloggers, I putting them out to the outside world. 

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  1. You mention in a post that you name your files carefully with tags in order to facilitate searching by frilename. Can you say more about this file naming technique? What do your file names look like? Is this a method that is used by a lot of people that Ic an read more about?

  2. Hi, Dellu,

    I your blog and find it very helpful as I figure out my workflow. I read on the Curio forum (on a thread about Curio and TB) that you no longer use Scrivener. I was curious if that’s still the case. I wonder if there’s any redundancy in me using it with a similar flow to yours (the image you included in the Curio posting ,towards the bottom).


    Some time ago, I was developing a complete workflow to do from the beginning process of collecting PDF and hardcopy resources to generating a completed, publishable articles.

    “Things clearly have changed now. NvALT has gone: Curiota has come: Sente has been replaced by Bookends. I have also avoided Scrivener out of my life. I use Scapple for occasional mapping of ideas (I also map them in TB; but, they are best at different things)”

    1. I am sorry I didn’t see your comment. Yes, I am no longer using Scrivener. I am all the way to Tinderbox now days. I also have almost dropped Scapple as Tinderbox is getting much better at mindmaping these days. I draft in tinderbox and push it to Latex for final writing.
      Other change I made is from Sente to PDF expert (Skim). Curiota is in place of NvALT. Curiota feeds into Devonthink. Devonthink is the link between Curiota and Tinderbox.

  3. Hi Dellu, many thanks for your great blog! I’m a Mac dev working on a note-taking & annotation/highlighting application. I’d love to get some feedback from you w.r.t. some of its features & workflow. If you’re interested, you can contact me at mat at extracts de. Thanks!

      1. Great to hear you’re interested! Unfortunately, I’m not yet at a stage where I can share things publicly, would you thus be willing to send me an email about it so that we can (for now) continue the discussion there? Thanks!

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