Devonthink is now slow

It is unfortunate when a great software, once you swear by it, turn into a resource hug bunk in a single night. As anybody who read any of my previous posts would easily understand, I love Devonthink. It is one of the best apps that the Mac OS has ever had. I throw  all my data into it; and getting it back is as great as putting it. It is such a powerful application that I have been converted from a big PC fan into mac mainly because if Devonthink.

The new update that Devontechnologies introduced in the 2.6 update, the automatic updating of indexed folders, is unfortunate one. It turned the agile, wonder application into a resource hug crap in a night. Try it yourself if you have indexed folder in your DT database. Click the indexed folder and see what will happen. DT will try to update the index. Ok, great for the first time. Now, it is time to work on the folder; to read some of the files stored in it; to click and enjoy. At this point, every time you click your folder, DT will again fire up the update. Jess, you have to wait 5 minutes again. Well, that is what is “added” in the new update. I first was thinking it is a bug. They said then, it is a feature.   If you try to work on other, internally stored files, then, you will face the ugly spinning ball. Shit, I hate the spinning ball. I used to love Devonthink for its speed, ease of movement from one folder to another folder. Now, it is a pain to click any folder because it will bring back the nasty spinning ball in trying to update the index.

I am totally infuriated about this new addition. I hope Devontechnologies will fix it soon. I am downgrading to 2.5 for now.


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  1. I have a solution to the problem, which might be scary to you at first, because of the investment. Jump to a Samsung 840 Pro 256GB SSD ($199.00), or to a 512GB for that matter. SSDs are far better and faster than regular mechanical hard drives. My Samsung 840 Pro 256GB takes only a few seconds to index a given Devonthink folder. You will be amazed at the difference in opening other programs as well. Your OS will boot in a minute or so.

  2. I also dread the new automatic indexing feature, as I run a big database with files hosted on a different machine via a SMB share.

    Devon’s support provided a solution, which basically reverts DevonThink back to the old behavior, manual indexing. Just paste this in a Terminal window while DT isn’t running:

    defaults write com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2 DisableAutomaticUpdatingOfIndexedItems -bool TRUE

    The same command using FALSE will turn automatic indexing back on.

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