is Mavericks the new Vista?

For technology, the newer always sounds better. I was in a hurry to try the new OS last week; specially, I was very happy about the beautiful mac iBook app. After install it, everything has gone damn slow; my god. It is making me crazy. Since I upgraded my Ram to 10GB three months ago, I rarely saw that ugly spinning ball. Now, I am getting it again, a lot.

My acrobat reader; Devonthink, the unarchiver, they are taking 3-5 times longer  time to process than they used to take on Lion.

I hope a new update will fix it.


5 thoughts on “is Mavericks the new Vista?

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  1. Mavericks is the worse i got. It takes ages to do everything. My mac is new, really new.. XAMPP dreamweaver are in my mac..

  2. Interesting, I have had quite the opposite experience. Everything got lightning fast, my battery life has extended by one hour so apart from iBooks not being able to edit metadata I am very happy with what they did to OS X (most of which is the proper multi-monitor support)

  3. I’ve heard that rebuilding your machine with a clean install of Mavericks is the way to go to get back your old performance and more.

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