Alternative to Multimarkdown?

For the last two days, I have been hustling with markdown language. The main advantage of Markdown language is:

  • it works across many platforms
  • I don’t have to struggle to export to Ms whenever some crazy pulisher asks me to do so
  • easy to pulish my work into the web, as Markdown nativly supports xHTML
  • publish my work to ebook (epub) if I want to with no much pain
  • plaintexts are great for sharing too; i don’t have to do heavy editing if I want to send my plaintext for comment to sb. I can just send the MMD format while the Latex is scary for the uninetiated.
  • Scrivener natively supports; easy to manage my projects in it, with no much difficulty to publish it in Latex

So, the point is: MMD seems the future, and the solution for me. But, I am now confused to learn that Multimarkdown is not the standard format for Markdown. I discovered another strong contender for it–Pandoc. Pandoc seems even better in many areas;  as the comparison of the two languages here shows.

Some realistic advantages of Pandoc over MMD:

  • Example lists: pandoc supports running example lists running througout the document. This is not a choice, rather a necessity for me.
  • Better  number lists: shifting from roman to arabic number listing inside a block is possible
  • strickeout ~~like so~~ , superscripts as Mister^2^, inline footnote as^[here is note]
  • Better referencing and bibliography. But, I think the referencing in MMD is sufficient for me
  • latex commands can be directly inserted into the Pandoc text; MMD needs HTML comment


Advantages of MMD over Pandoc

  • images and links are managed better in MMD
  • some of the footnotes can automatically conveted as glossary in MMD
  • tables are better managed in MMD, more readable, column spannings are supported, only single line cells; there is not row and column spanning in Pandoc, cells could be multilple lines.
  • metadata, MM is more flexible
  • Natively supported by many applications including Scrivener.

For now, I will be sticking with MMD just because of Scrivener, and fix the weakness  of MMD (modify my final document) inside the Latex itself. If Scivener happen to support Pandoc in the future, I might migrate to Pandoc. Best of all, I hope the two developers would cooprate and make up the best out of the two domains. That will be nirvana for the regular user, like me.


3 thoughts on “Alternative to Multimarkdown?

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  1. Hello, I totally agree with you. I am torn as to whether to use Pandoc or MMD for my writing. Somethings are better handled in MMD, like images (you can specify image size!), and index (for latex output) and nicer tables. But Pandoc can export to so many different formats (I need Latex, html and epub).

    Also, I wanted to know what is the font that you use for the post titles? Is it a Garamond font?

    1. I wrote this post last year; Jan 2013. I am still with MMD.
      Pandoc seems more complex than MMD. have u tried it?

      I actually don’t know the font: It comes default in the Chateau theme.

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