Organize audiobook in ipod (iphone) in Mediamonkey, best result

I LOVE audio-books. I enjoy listening them and learn a lot faster with them than reading. I listen them while doing some other physical work; as in the gym…they are just great tools of learning; and  an the iphone (ipode) is the best devise for audio. I know no other phone that has an application to manage audiobooks.  In this shallow world where substantive things lose value, music has got more emphasis over audiobooks. Hence, the Apple doesn’t take the case of audiobooks seriously in its devices. Ipod is good for music but not for audio-books. There is not good way of managing audio-books.

I have tried different methods to organize my audio-books. My frustration with Itunes was limitless. Spending hours and hours to make my audio-books easily accessible for easy listening had been so pain. The main problems were:

  1. Itunes doesn’t allow importing many CDs of the same book. If you want to get your audiobooks into your iphone, you have to store them as Albums. Storing audiobooks as music albums doesn’t give  me the flexibility to store different sections/chapters of the books as chapters/sections. I used to listen to an English vocabulary book called Verbal Advantage, as I mentioned before. The book has 24 CDS. I have to store each of the CDS as   separate books in the iphone. This makes the iphone a total clutter.
  2. it Messed up track numbers: this is the terrible problem. In the middle of the listening, the the voice jumps from track 03 to 40. I have tried playlists, renaming the files, properly tagging them. All didn’t work. just terrible problems reappear now and then.

I then shifted to MediaMonkey. I can dare to say, MM is the best media management software; and its tagging feature is  so incredible. But, you have to make sure that you installed itunes and  Quicktime for MM to work. Though there is not explicit requirement about the latter, I found my iphone failing to synchronize without it.

So, here is how I get the  best result in mediamonkey.

  1. First, you have to properly rename your audio files. The renaming is necessary because tagging can be done from the name of the files. I use a software called Bulk Rename Utility to rename my files; an ugly, but so powerful software! it makes the renaming so simple.

Here is how you can rename your files

CD1-01 Introduction

CD1-02 ….


In this picture for example, I am simply adding a prefix (CDx) in the Bulk Renaming Utility. This way, you will give your files a consistent file name that could  order them even if they are in the same folder. Then

  1. Import them into MM. I assume you know how the basics of MM.

  2. Tagg the files using the “auto-tag from file name” feature in mediamonkey. Before you do the tagging, you have to select all the imported files of the book in MM. You then go to Tools menu in MM and click on “auto-tag from file name”.  You will get a dialog box. In there, you have to specify what you are going to tag. Tagging the Titles of the audios from the filenames is quite sufficient. So, choose only <title> from the box. Let me, for example, show you how I tagged a 3CD book called  “Letting go of God” by Julia Sweeney. (don’t forget, I have renamed the files into CD1-01, CD1-02 etc. then, i have imported them; and selected all the files in the MM, then I am tagging them from the file names). So, here is the screen shot of the tagging process.

What do you think?

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