First 65000 signup’s get a free macbook Air, hoax

A hot stuff in facebook right now is signing up for free Macbook air.  A friend of mine invited me to signup to the facebook page which claims to give away free macbook air for the first 65,000 signers. when I sit on my pc, there were about 58, 340 signers. In a few minuts, the singing has raised up to 59, 632.

There are a few clues that suggest the page might be a hoax. First, no clear information is offered who is giving away the computers. For the gullible many, the “company” might seem Apple. But, there is nothing like that in the page.

Here is the webpage:

The page commands the signers to follow certain rigorous steps to get their free macbook air.

First 65000 signup’s get a free macbook Air

We will remember Steve Jobs and he’s good work, that’s why we do this! whom does this “we”  refers to? The first 65,000 that signup get a free Macbook air

Some rules apply; you must follow these steps and complete them “carefully”. Step 1: Click “I’m Attending” On the top right side. Step 2: Invite (100) of your friends to this event by clicking “Select Guests To Invite” if you skip this step, the automated system will not register you. This is very important.

Pushing signers to invite more and more of their friends is the very nature of spammers. They don’t care whether they violate people’s privacy or not, they only care about the number of signers they themselves get.

Step 3: Click “Like” on this facebook fan page Step 4: Write on wall of this page “Attending” and Colour you would like to receive. (white or black) 

Another attempt to convince signers that the page is  authentic.

Step 5: enter Shipping info at (We have some problems with our web-server, like our fan page and be updated) Here is the other critical trick. They asked the people to write their shipping adress. But, they don’t give a page  to do so. They just suspend the signers on the air with the pretext “problems with our web-server”. If this was truly from Apple, can it really have such silly issues in a fraction of minutes? All of the macbooks will be sent after the event reaches 65,000 participants First macbooks will be send when we reaching 20,000

These two sentences also  seem strategies of getting more and more signers without question.

The presence of multiple pages for the signing up makes this case somehow peculiar from the usual facebook hoaxes which always attempt redirect signers out of facebook. But, it is obviously hard to believe that Apple, one of the most stingy companies in the globe reflecting  the voracious personality of Steve Jobs (though nobody denies the ingenuity and creativity of the man), would give away computers for free. The company is known for its expensive products and we all remember until quite recently that Apple was resisting to recycle its antique products.

I will be back with further information about the page.

9 thoughts on “First 65000 signup’s get a free macbook Air, hoax

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  1. yes but I don’t know why people are always stupid?
    now they understand but if something like this repeated 1 year later they do the same.
    that’s bad. actually it makes me so pessimistic about democracy. because these people if they are from a democratic country they vote.. so what happens to the world if they vote like this.. without paying attention just by following other. or with blind eyes 😦

  2. Simple whois lookup on the website shows its registered to the individual in UK, also there is a link on the fb page redirecting to the another site which offers to earn money online, also possibly a internet marketing scam asking people to pay upfront etc. and no contact details

  3. I completly agree with intersted, peole are stupid, and you can’t do a think. There always be a smart people who will steal from supid ones. It is like laws of physics

  4. @intersed: made good point. Reasonable citizen is the presupposition of democracy. When citizens suck, democracy sucks. This is an obvious issue. Citizens are deluded and deceived by irrelevant propaganda and choose the inappropriate candidate. More careful and honest candidates won’t have place in this dumb and credulous society.

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